Online Roulette

Online Roulette

Roulette is a fun and entertaining game that any player can quickly understand. Enjoy it at your favorite online casino.

Roulette is perhaps one of the most elegant staples of casinos of all time. It was an instant hit and continues to be one of the most popular choices up to this day both in online casinos as well as in brick-and-mortar ones. It is thus available at the vast majority of online casinos and its numerous betting options make it a favorite for amateurs and professionals alike.

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The History of Roulette

The name isn’t that glamorous as it means ‘wheel’ or ‘little wheel’ in the French language. It refers to the game’s basic mechanism which is a spinning wheel with a series of numbers encrusted inside it. The first roulette version was created way back in 1796. While the game evolved in the over 200 years since its creation, the basic idea, gameplay and function is the same. The biggest difference between early roulette versions and present day ones was the lack of green pockets.

There are basically two versions of roulette used today. The first is the European version which was created back in 1843 and, as the name would suggest, is the number one choice on the European continent. Its particularity is that it has a single green pocket. The second version is the American one, which was established along with the growth of Las Vegas. Its particularity is that it has two green pockets.

How to play

The game is one of the simplest you will ever find in a casino, this being one of the reasons behind its popularity. The only part where players need to pay attention is the varied betting section. They are easily understandable and are practically explained by the table’s markings.

A game of roulette starts with players placing bets dictated by the table limits. After all bets are placed the dealer will spin the roulette wheel while also throwing a small white ball in the opposite direction. As the wheel loses traction the ball will fall into one of the numerous pockets which are numbered and colored in red, black and green. Winners and losers are established based on the number and the color of the number the ball falls on and payouts are handed out.

When it comes to online casinos the basic motion is the same with the only difference being that a random number generator replaces the roulette wheel. An animation is inserted into the game to give it the same feel as the actual game.

Strategies for roulette

When it comes to strategies, the only thing to take into consideration is how to best improve your odds. The easiest way to do this is by opting for the European wheel which only has one green pocket. The single green pocket makes it so that the game has less possible outcomes improving the odds of any bet a player may place. This is important as payouts are the same for both games.

Another interesting strategy is to double your bet for every loss and start again after a win. By doubling the bet every time, one win will win you back all the money you lost so far and maybe put you ahead by a small number.

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