Video Poker

Video Poker

Video Poker is a thrilling online casino game that gives you the opportunity to experience the best of both worlds. It is a combination of online slots and poker all in one. On this page, you will find video poker guides, tips and handy information.

The Best Iceland online Video Poker Casinos reviewed and ranked

Video Poker Overview

Today the online casino industry overflows with a variety of exciting games which includes tons of slots and other game variants. One of the most popular games remains Video Poker with many different variants and types to choose from.

Video Poker is one of the older game variants that have been improved over the years and managed to withstand the test of time. It is a thrilling game that involves strategy and luck if you are looking for wins.

The rules are simple, and strategies are easy to learn for each of the different variants. Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better are among the most popular. But there are also a number of other Video Poker variants to explore.

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Video Poker Guides

If you would like to learn more about playing Video Poker online, then we have a number of handy guides for your convenience. You will be able to learn about the types and variations or enhance your current knowledge base.

Free Video Poker: Play Free Video Poker Games

If you are looking to learn more about Video Poker and how to play, then the best option is to take advantage of the free play games. These allow you to learn the ropes of the game without making real money bets. Choose from the range of free Video Poker games listed below.

Casino Matcher: Find the best casinos for Video Poker

Make use of the Casino Matcher tool to find the best online casinos where you can play the hottest Video Poker titles. Choose from online casinos with the best game variety, bonuses and more.

Video Poker Bonuses

If you are specifically looking for Video Poker bonuses to boost your gameplay at any of the recommended Video Poker online casinos, then take advantage of the tool below. Take your pick from the bonuses available, selecting the one that best suits your budget and gaming style.

The Types & Variations of Video Poker

There is a decent number of Video Poker variations to choose from at online casinos. Take a look at the top variations and where to find them.


  • Deuces Wild - Deuces Wild is a Video Poker variation in which twos are wilds. Whenever they are part of a hand they can substitute for any other card, helping create a better hand.
  • Double Bonus - Double Bonus is very similar to Jacks or Better. Only in this variant, you will receive a bonus when you have four aces.
  • Triple Play - Triple Play keeps you busy with the option to play three hands of cards simultaneously. This is a popular Video Poker variant from IGT available in Deuces Wild, Double Double Bonus and Draw Poker.
  • Jokers Wild - In Jokers Wild, you can use the Joker Card to substitute for any other card in order to create a winning hand. The game is played with 53 cards which include the standard deck and 1 joker card.
  • Double Double Bonus - Double Double Bonus is based on Double Bonus Poker but comes with boosted bonus payouts. There is also a Triple Double Bonus variant.
  • Multi Play - Multi Play is another popular variant that enables you to play as many hands as you please. Some variants allow you to play up to 50 hands at a time.
  • Jacks or better - Jacks or Better is one of the most common versions of video poker. The name comes from the fact that you have to get a pair of jacks or better to win the minimum.

Video Poker Tips

  1. Learn the basic rules – It is important to understand the basic gameplay rules and paytable structure in order to make the most out of your gameplay. If you genuinely want to succeed in your gameplay, it is best to learn the rules.
  2. Explore the different variants – Each player likes different variants, take the time to explore the different variants available. Each has different rules and strategies. Test them in free play mode and find the one that works for you.
  3. Play the maximum bet amount – One of the golden rules with Video Poker is to play the maximum bet amount. If you are looking to make a profit from your gameplay it is highly recommended to play the maximum bet amount.
  4. Stay in control of your bankroll – It is also important to stay in control of your bankroll. It is easy to get lost in the excitement. Set a budget and stick to it. Never chase your losses or bet more than you can afford to lose.

Video Poker History

The Video Poker machine’s roots date back to over 100 years ago when the Liberty Bell slot machine was created by Charles Fey in the late 19th Century. This can be seen as the first step towards to creation of the Video Poker machine.

With the addition of the Draw feature to Fey’s machine, the wheel was set in motion for the creation of Video Poker machines. This feature simply allows you to insert a coin, pull the lever, and watch it spin to reveal a win. The first real Video Poker machine was created in 1975 when the Fortune Bell company started creating slot machines.

These machines were based on the rules of poker but did not gain much popularity. In 1979, SirCOMA (Si Redd Coin Machines) launched a Draw Poker game. The game quickly gained popularity and from there Video Poker started appearing in many land-based and online casinos. Between the 1980s and 1990s, a house edge was added to the machines and the number of Video Poker variants continued to grow. From the 2000s onwards, Video Poker is thriving and among the most popular game variants in both online and offline casinos.

Video Poker Terminology

If you are new to Video Poker and still learning the lingo then we have you covered with all the Video Poker Terminology you need to know. We have a dedicated Video Poker glossary available to help you study all the terms. You will sound like a Video Poker pro in no time.

Video Poker Rules

With any game, the most important part is to get back to basics and study the general rules before jumping into the gameplay. If you understand the general rules and basic gameplay of the game then you will quickly be a top Video Poker player, no matter which online casino you play at. Read our Video Poker rules and gameplay guide to help you reach the top of the ranks.

Video Poker Strategy

One of the worst things you can do with Video Poker is attempt to beat the machine by making random guesses throughout your gameplay. You could lose out by guessing when the game is designed to give you a chance at beating the odds.

If you understand the rules and basic gameplay then you can already optimise your gameplay. You can further enhance your experience by incorporating the right Video Poker strategy. With Video Poker there are different variants and machines to choose from which also means there are different strategies for each of the variants such as Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild or Double Bonus. In order to get the most out of your gameplay, it is best to use the optimal strategy for each game variant to increase your winning odds.

A quick tip to winning at Video Poker would be to take a look at the machines available and find the ones offering the best paytables. If you choose to play Jacks or Better for instance you will need to use a Jacks or Better focused strategy.

This variant offers the lowest returns in comparison to games like Double Bonus Poker or Deuces Wild. But if you find the best paytable and play the maximum coin amount per bet you already have a good strategy going. Do not be afraid to take it slow and incorporate our list of tips.


Can I play Video Poker online for real money?
Yes, As long as you are playing at a licensed and regulated online casino offering real money games you will have the opportunity to play Video Poker for real money.

Where can I find the most trusted casinos to play Video Poker?
If you are looking for secure online casinos where you can enjoy the best Video Poker variants, we have you covered. On this page, you will have instant access to the most trusted online casinos for Video Poker.

Can I play Video Poker online in every casino?
Not every online casino offers Video Poker, some online casinos are dedicated to certain types of online casino games exclusively. However, the majority of casinos that offer a great game variety will have a great selection of Video Poker variants to choose from.

Can I play multiplayer Video Poker online?
There are many variants of poker available ranging from those with bonus features to multiple hands and even multiplayer Video Poker. You will be able to access multiplayer Video Poker variants at select online casinos.

How does Video Poker work?
With Video Poker you start by placing a bet and clicking the Deal button. You will receive 5 cards and choose which you want to discard and which you want to keep. The objective is to create the best winning hand based on the paytable.

Can I play live Video Poker with a live dealer in real-time?
Video Poker is a machine-based online casino game, with live dealers focused more on poker. If you want the live dealer experience you can try the live poker games available. Video Poker is a more RNG based casino game.

Is online Video Poker rigged?
No, online Video Poker runs through RNG software to ensure each outcome is random and fair. The software gets tested regularly to ensure it is always up to standard meeting the necessary requirements.


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