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Welcome to OnlineCasinoReports Iceland: Here you will find the most comprehensive guides on everything you need to know about online gambling. Our guides include detailed online casino reviews, expert guidelines on playing casino games, and more.

The OnlineCasinoReports has been designed with your needs in mind, the needs of the Icelandic player. The site has everything, including guides on playing different games to the latest news from the iGaming community. If you keep reading, you can learn more about the team working behind the scene.



Our Goal

The main goal of the team working tirelessly behind the scene is to help you navigate the growing online casino industry like a pro. One of our goals is also to help you find the best casino games that match your specific gaming needs and preferences. The team working behind the scene has years of experience working in the industry which is necessary to truly understand how things work in the iGaming community. Essentially, at OnlineCasinoReports and our other localized sites, you have expert reviews and online gaming guides at your disposal, alongside everything else you need.

Navigating the industry as a beginner can be very challenging, especially if you do not know how to start. To help you, we have a great toolset in place you can use to filter all of the available options to easily find what you are looking for. Essentially, with our tool, you remove all of the iGaming options that do not work for you and leave only those that fit your search criteria.

Aside from the valuable filtering toolset, we have a whole range of very helpful guides on playing different games, making payments, and much more that essentially help you with playing like a pro.

Our Guideline

The team working behind the scene at OnlineCasinoResports is driven by the same passion for iGaming and by the same desire to help others enjoy online gambling sessions in the most responsible, safest manner.  

  • Everyone working on the board at OCR follows these very simple, but important guidelines:
  • We appreciate user feedback as one of the most essential parts of what we do here.
  • All content on the site is researched by our expert team.
  • Everything featured on the site is free to access.
  • OnlineCasinoResports operates independently.
  • The website operates independently of iGaming sites reviewed on the site.
  • The OCR site cooperates with different third-party agencies and auditors.
  • All reviews published on the site are unbiased.
  • All gambling sites promoted on the site must pass our rigorous twelve-point rating process.

Our Warranty

Everyone working on the board at the OCR site has the players’ best interest. With this in mind, every visitor of the site can rest assured that every single review, guide, and everything else published on the site is fully transparent, unbiased, and equally important, backed by extensive research done by our expert team. Every news article, review, guide, and everything else on the site has been compiled by relying on the most trustworthy resources.

Our Team

When you take a look at our main mission and goals, it becomes obvious that having an amazing expert team with the necessary industry knowledge was extremely important for us. Essentially, from the very first day of OCR operating in the industry, we had a team of amazing people who are not only experts and professionals in what they do but also extremely passionate about everything that the iGaming community is.

Our team of experts working on creating content has more than twenty years of experience. This means that every review, guide, and everything else has been delivered to you by industry veterans who truly understand how things work in the industry.

The OnlineCasinoReports site also works with many guest posters, as well as, renowned authors who also create unbiased content for you, aside from our expert team.

What We Do?

One of our major focus points is providing our readers with trustworthy and accurate news on everything that has been happening in the iGaming community. Only this way, you can navigate the industry like a pro, when you have all the information you need readily available.

One of the most important sections of the site is most certainly our rigorous rating program for iGaming sites that we worked very hard on refining. Thanks to this unique rating program, you can truly get to know different iGaming brands. Our rating system has twelve crucial points that go into detail regarding casino brands' payment options, their reputation, safety and security, fair play activities, and everything else that goes into running online casino sites. Our rating process also highlights all sites’ strengths and weaknesses.

One of the main responsibilities of our expert team is to look all over the Internet for interesting news stories, the best new casino bonuses, great new game releases, changes in online gambling legislation, and everything else. To make this information easily readable, we have both short and long-form guides, news articles, and shorter content pieces, so you can easily find what you are looking for.

Over the years, our amazing iGaming forum has become one of the most popular online places for our loyal community members to hang out together. Our iGaming forum has many members who share their past online gambling experiences with certain brands and discuss everything that is happening in the industry.

The OCR site has been around for over two decades and it has proven its value many times. We strongly believe that our expert team capable of delivering objective, unbiased guides and reviews mixed with their own experiences offers the most balanced information you most certainly need to make the best, most informed decisions.

The OCR Story

The OnlineCasinosReports site was launched by a small group of people whose passion for online gambling led them to form this unique iGaming community whose main goal is to help beginners navigate the industry like a pro.

More specifically, everything started back in 1997 as a small project. Back then, the goal was the same as today, to make sure online gambling fans and enthusiasts have the best online casino offers, the best casino gambling guides, and the latest iGaming news always at their disposal. The website officially blossomed five years later in 2002. Back then, the website already included a handful of casino reviews, online gaming guides, and more.

In 2005, a refined version of OnlineCasinoReports was launched. The main idea behind modernizing the site was to make all different sections easily accessible.

One year later, the whole US iGaming scene changed thanks to the UIGEA Act. This is also when most other sites of this kind focused more on the US iGaming market and OnlineCasinoReports followed as well.

In 2008, the website was modernized once again. This time around, we included valuable filters and search tools, our now famous community forum, as well as, different localized sections for many countries in the world.

The OnlineCasinoReports was one of the very first sites of this kind in the industry that allowed our readers to review and filter through online casinos based on their available languages, accepted currencies, selections of their bonuses, and their software developer partners. The whole OCR network of localized sites has been expanded in 2014.

As of today, OnlineCasinoReports is one of the most famous gambling brands of this kind with seventy-five different gambling portals and each one is packed with comprehensive details about payment services, available bonuses and promotions, new game releases, and more related to the iGaming market it caters to.

The latest iteration of the site was launched in 2022. One of the biggest milestones in the site’s history was making the site accessible on all different mobile platforms. This time around, we also refined already existing search and filter tools with the main focus on casino comparison. Essentially, with our filter tools, you can compare up to five iGaming sites at once.

The latest iteration of the site also included a couple of new sections in our search infrastructure, such as progressive jackpots, new gaming categories, brand names, and more bonuses.

Local Sites

OnlineCasinoReports operates in many languages and has several localized versions for different iGaming markets. Follow the link below to learn more.

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