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Go through our Privacy and Cookie Policy to learn what are cookies and why the site uses cookies.

All visitors of the site /User/s, Your, and You) should take time to go through our Privacy and Cookie Policy. Everything you need to know is accessible on the in This Document. We (the Company behind the site) provides all the important details transparently, including the information about the different way the site collects and uses your information.

The website may include links to third-party sites and advertisements as outlined in the Privacy and Cookie Policy. It is crucial that all customers accessing the site go through and review our Privacy and Cookie Policy before sharing any sensitive personal information with the site.

Also, by vising the site, you give your consent to the site to collect and use your personal information in different ways as outlined in this document.

Information Collected by the Site 

Information collected by the site is always regarded as non-personal. In other words, customers using the site have their personal information collected and classified as non-identifiable. The type of information collected by Users includes data about your device, technical information, such as Users' IP address, aggregated usage information, and other.

The site also collects hardware and software information, such as Users' browser info when accessing the site, operating system installed on their devices, as well as, time and language. The bottom line is, Users' information is collected with the sole purpose of improving the functionality of the site's services and products.

Our Cookie Policy

Cookies help the team working behind the scene at the site to offer the best browsing experience possible to every visitor of the site. Cookies are also valuable when it comes to enriching the website's performance and design.

What are cookies?

Cookies are referred to as files downloaded to browsing devices that contain valuable information about your browsing history. Essentially, cookies keep track of your browsing preferences to make your browsing experience more efficient. Cookies also lead to the automatic creation of specific browsing features.

Below, you will find a list of all the different Cookies used by the Website:

Session Cookies – Session Cookies are temporary files that get stored during your browsing sessions. Sessions Cookies are removed once your browsing sessions end. The Website uses Sessions Cookies in order for the Website to function as expected. If you disable Sessions Cookies, the Website may not perform normally.

Persistent Cookies – The Website also uses Persistent Cookies and these, unlike Session Cookies, are stored for a longer time period. In most cases, companies keep Persistent Cookies for a longer time period of about one year.

In Our case, we rely on third-party companies that are responsible for monitoring and analyzing Persistent Cookies or user interactions with the site. In Our case, we have no control over third-party companies' Privacy and other Policies. Persistent Cookies come in different forms as listed below:

  • Performance/Analytical Cookies: Analytical or Performance Cookies collect anonymous visitor information to show the team working behind the scene which sections of the site are visited, how long customers spend browsing different sections on the site, and in which order they access different parts of the site. With this information, we can work on offering easier access. 
  • Functionality Cookies: The Site relies on Functionality Cookies to identify returning visitors. Essentially, Functionality Cookies help us to enhance your browsing experience based on their past visits.
  • Targeting Cookies: Targeting Cookies help the team working behind the scene with tracking the sections and links featured on the site you accessed. Targeting Cookies help Us improve your overall browsing experience based on your past interests. By using the Website, you give your consent to Us to collect the information about you as outlined in the previous section. By using the Website, you also accept and understand that the Website relies on different monitoring and tracking technologies as mentioned in our Privacy and Cookie Policy. It should be noted that Cookies collected by the site, all three types, do not contain your identity or other personal information.

If you want to disable Cookies, head to your Internet browser’s settings area and click on the Privacy and Security tab. Click on the Cookies and other site data tab and disable Cookies here. If you disable cookies, the site’s performance may be affected.

Links to Third-Party Sites 

The Website features links leading to third-party sites. Before accessing these sites, make sure you go through their Privacy Policies. It should be noted that This Document does not include any sensitive information about other sites’ Privacy and other Policies. Also, the Website does not take any responsibility for issues that may arise when visiting third-party sites featured on the Website. If you access these sites via links featured on the Website, you are responsible for issues that may arrive while visiting these sites. The Website will not be held responsible for damages that may occur in terms of sensitive information collected and shared by these sites.

How Does the Site Use Collected Information?

The information collected by Our visitors is generally used for the purposes listed below:

  • Maintaining and enhancing the Site’s safety and security
  • Analyzing the accessed content by our visitors
  • Using collected data to conduct analytics
  • Using collected data in order to comply with applicable laws and regulations
  • Using collected data to comply with requirements set by governmental authorities
  • Using collected data to comply with demands from governmental authorities in case of any legal processes

How the Site Shares Collected Information?

Information obtained by is shared with trustworthy third parties, including:

  • Different service providers that conduct technical diagnostics, analytics, and research, the Website is working with.
  • GetResponse: GetResponse is a reliable mailing application provider from the USA that is responsible for managing our newsletter.
  • Company’s auditors, investors, and advisers: Information collected may be shared with these third-party agencies, as well, as our subsidiaries and affiliates.
  • If the Company is merging with another entity, collected information may be also shared with the potential investors, sellers, or buyers.

It is crucial to remember that in case of sharing information collected by the site’s visitors with third parties mentioned in the previous section, the whole process must comply with the security and privacy regulations and applicable laws as listed in our Privacy Policy.


The website may also share information:

  • When requested by law enforcement agencies or governmental bodies
  • When needed to enforce legal rights, including intellectual property
  • When needed to act against security issues or illegal activities
  • When needed for enforcing the Website’s internal policies
  • When needed to fight legal claims against the Website or partners
  • When needed to protect the Company’s safety and rights

Holding Your Information

By visiting the Website, you confirm that you have gone through Our Privacy and Cookie Policy outlined in this document and that you accept all the terms and conditions that related to holding and processing your information. We always make sure that all user data collected and stored by the company is processed according to the terms and conditions described in this document. User data collected by the Website is only shared with trustworthy third parties as mentioned in the section above.

Transfer and Security of Collected Information 

The Company truly values your privacy and this is why is it extremely important for Us to regularly update and maintain top-notch security. In order to make sure that your information is safeguarded and protected at all times, we employ industry-standard safety and security measures and procedures. This way, we can protect your data from any unauthorized use. While keeping your information safe is one of Our biggest priorities, it is impossible for Us to guarantee that your non-personal data will not be unlawfully accessed or exploited.

Regardless of the security and privacy measures employed by the Website to protect your non-personal information, there is no guarantee that during the process of transferring your data over the Internet your data remains safe and secure. With this being said, keep in mind that the transfer of your information on the Internet is not risk-free.

The Website operates globally which means that your information may be transferred to non-European Union countries. It should be noted that the data protection laws in countries outside of the European Union may be less rigorous and comprehensive. To ensure the same high-level safety and security in these cases, We always take all the required steps as outlined in This Document.


Everybody who is not at least eighteen years old (classified as minors) is not allowed to use services and products offered by the Website. If you continue using the Website, you confirm you are of legal age to do so. The site holds no responsibility for minors accessing services and products featured on the Website.

Account Termination

Users of the Website can have their accounts terminated/deleted, as well as, their non-personal and other information removed from the Website’s system. If you want to have your account terminated, contact our customer care service via email.

Stop receiving newsletters from the Us: You can also remove yourself from the list of Users who receive newsletters from Us. To do so, open the email sent by Us and find the unsubscribe tab located at the bottom of the email.

Privacy Policy Updates

We encourage you to regularly check our Privacy Policy since the Privacy Policy may be updated ad revised. The newest version of the Privacy Policy as outlined in This Document is the one currently in force. If there will be any major changes to the Privacy Policy, all Users will be notified via newsletters or email.

If you continue to use the Website after changes were made, then you agree with all the changes and updates made.

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