2023 Sports Betting Sites Reviews and Ratings for Iceland

Regardless of your where you are in your sports betting journey, this tell-all guide has the information you need. Both newcomers and seasoned bettors alike will get the inside scoop on all things related to sports betting, from updates to betting tips and everything in between. Get all the information on the top betting sites and what they offer.

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The convenience sports betting offers Icelandic players is the reason it remains a popular pastime. Aside from wagering from the comfort of their homes, the best bookies provide a rewarding betting experience. Enhanced odds, quality bonuses, and exciting promotions are on the cards if you join a licensed and reputable operator.

How to Select the Best Sportsbooks?

With countless bookies available, the only thing prospective punters need to worry about is the sportsbook to pick. Icelanders should count themselves lucky to have several international sportsbooks and casinos accept them. A valid gambling license should be top on the checklist when looking for a bookmaker, as it translates to transparency and fairness.

After which, secure and reliable banking methods should be the next point of call when choosing an operator. The process of moving funds on the site should be as effortless as possible with reasonable fees, short turnaround times, and efficient handling of player information.

Checking the range of sports betting options is another key factor when sportsbook shopping.

Ideally, sportsbooks should give punters access to no less than 20 sports and hundreds of sports betting markets. Football is typically a staple with bookies, with tennis, basketball, and American sports hot on the heels. Icelanders adore hockey, and attentive sportsbooks won't deprive punters of this sport. Non-negotiable betting markets players love to bet on include the NHL, European leagues, and international tournaments. Not forgetting college sports for ice hockey, basketball, and baseball.

Live Betting Bring More Excitement

Gambling in real-time is where the best betting opportunities lie. And the best sportsbooks provide punters with top-tier live betting modules and stream major events as they play out. Though the number of betting markets takes a dip just after kickoff, numerous betting options exist nonetheless. A perk of signing with the best bookies is enjoying quality odds updated regularly. That eliminates the frustration linked to locked odds allowing better wagering opportunities.

Live betting is possible on the go, with most bookies allowing players to wager via their iOS and Android devices. Using these devices, players can perform all betting functions including signing up, choosing sports, and participating in promotions. However, not all Icelandic bookies boast native betting apps. The majority offers an equally convenient option in the form of a mobile site. Be that as it may, free downloads are some of the perks of using developed apps.

Welcome Bonuses and Running Offers

Icelandic bettors are at the receiving end of healthy competition among sportsbooks as they fight to lure players. Bookmakers encourage new players to join their sites and deposit by using attractive bonuses. Free bets and no deposit offers are also on display now and again, and they come with rollover conditions. Instant boost to player funds resulting in more wagering opportunities is the primary benefit of using most introductory offers. They are typically available in large amounts but are only once-off deals.

The long game for punters is to take full advantage of recurring promotions reserved for existing players. They’re available in different forms, including reload bonuses, wagering on specific events, and cashback offers. High rollers and bettors looking to cushion the blow of bad wagers will find the latter appealing. Loyalty programs that reward commitment and encourage more betting are available. Aside from prompting players to keep betting, these programs offer exciting rewards like exclusive bonuses, fast withdrawals, and access to special promotions. The rewards are even more lucrative for players who attain VIP status.

To Sum It Up

Icelandic bettors are a favoured bunch, judging from the numerous online bookies they can choose from. A hassle-free sports betting experience is inevitable, provided you join a licensed bookie with a sound reputation. In-play betting will also take your betting experience up a notch, complete with competitive odds for profitable bets.

Betting Types & Markets

Wondering how sports-betting works? The first thing to be aware of is the betting types and markets. Learning the different betting types and markets available for sports betting is crucial before you commit to any wagers.

Straight Bet

A straight bet involves betting on the outcome of a single game. That means you should cover the money line or point spread to win. If a tie results, you receive your money back. Straight bets are popular when wagering on the MLB, NFL, NHL, and NBA. If you opt for a straight wager, you bet on one outcome of a single game.

System Bet

A system bet is less risky because you don’t have to win each leg within the bet to win a prize. For instance, if you bet on three matches, and only two are favourable, you still get a return with a system bet. This wager will particularly work well with basketball bets where the underdog can win.

Parlay Bet

Also known as an accumulator bet, this is a very risky wager. Although it’s easy to make, winning is not so simple. This bet comprises a series of successive wagers to create one stake. It gives punters the potential to make a significant combined profit. However, to win, all bets must have a successful outcome or you lose your entire stake.

In-Play Bet

Placing wagers in real-time while a sporting event plays out is an exciting way to wager. For instance, live bets are common during live NHL games.

Moneyline Bet

Similar to the outright bet, the Moneyline bet is when you predict the winner of a match, event, race, contest, or fight.

Point Spread Bet

Spread betting is a lucrative bet that allows you to wager on a favourite or underdog and is popular in sports like NBA and NFL. The whole point of this wager is to level the playing field and is an ideal wager for the newcomer to sports betting.

Totals Bet

Typically, bookmakers predict a total of goals or points they believe will be scored during a sporting event. With a total bet, you can wager on whether you think the total number will be more or less. It follows that whether you win or lose depends on if your predictions are correct.

Teasers and Pleasers

The risky nature of this wager makes it better suited for the seasoned bettor. Pleaser bets are popular with soccer betting, while teasers are synonymous with NBA bets. These bets are tied into parlay bets, and players can move the point spread on all related games for a fixed amount in exchange for another outcome. The point spread is typically in your favour with pleasers, and odds are less competitive. On the other hand, the point spread moves in your favour with pleasers, and the odds are much better.

Sports Betting Odds Explained

Understanding what odds are and how they work is an integral part of sports betting. Odds give you an opportunity to predict the outcome of a sporting event if you wager a certain amount of money on the outcome.

Sportsbooks determine these odds and furnish them for every side of a lucrative wager. Various aspects, together with odds compilers, determine odds. Risk analysts, as well as traders, consider these factors to reflect the possibility of a certain outcome happening using the odds provided.

Some of these factors include:

  • How popular the sport is
  • Money available in the market
  • The overall public’s betting patterns
  • Other variables include form or injury

Sports betting odds are never constant and tend to fluctuate before or during an event. In a nutshell, when discussing odds, the goal is to understand how to optimize your chances of attaining winning payouts.

Below is a list of common odds variants to know:

Decimal Odds

Also known as European or continental odds, these are displayed in a straight numerical decimal system, for instance, 2.00. This figure represents the estimated return and the amount wagered. It provides an estimate of the total payout rather than the overall profit.

Example: Using a model of 2.00, your wager of kr10000 will give you a total payout of kr10000 x 2.00 = kr20000. Your potential profit, in this case, is kr10000 to a stake at risk of kr10000.

Fractional Odds

Fractional odds are shown as fractions such as 2/1 or 3/1 etc. A wager of 1/1 is referred to as an even wager and works similar to the decimal example outlined above. Fractional odds are also referred to as British or traditional odds

A stake of 1/1 is called an even stake and works the same as the decimal 2.00 example. Fractional odds are also known as traditional or British odds and are common in the UK. Fractional odds are popular in Icelandic betting markets and show the punter the estimated win in relation to the stakes bet.

Example: If you wager kr2000 at odds of 5/2, you take the kr2000 and divide it by 2 = kr1000 and multiply it by 5, meaning that your potential profit will be kr5000. If you wager kr2000 at odds of 2/5 instead, you divide your kr2000 by 5 = kr400 and multiply that by 2, meaning your estimated profit is kr800 if you have a winning bet. A straightforward example is a wager of kr1000 on 3/1 odds, resulting in an estimated winning of kr3000.

Moneyline Odds

Moneyline odds, also referred to as American odds, are displayed with a positive or negative symbol. Plus, a currency symbol is often attached. You can spot favourites with a minus sign and the underdogs with the positive or plus sign to win a game in +100

Example: If you hope to win kr10000 and the odds are -138, you would need to bet kr13800 on the winning team. If you bet kr10000 on the underdog and the odds are +118, you will win kr11800 on a winning wager.

Getting Started

It’s quite easy to venture into Sports betting. There are a few simple steps that will help you get started without any worries.

1 Select a Reputable Sportsbook

Since there are so many online sportsbooks, picking the right will obviously be difficult. However, our listings will be the perfect place to start. Our approved sites offer attractive bonuses and robust betting markets. Since these bookmakers are all licensed and regulated, they provide a safe gambling environment.

2 Register Account with Your Preferred Sportsbook

After selecting a bookmaker, create a new account. At this stage, your sportsbook may recommend that you submit identity documents and proof of address. But you may also send in your verification documents before requesting your first withdrawal.

3 Top Up Your Account

Decide on the payment method you’ll use to make a deposit. Choose a method that is in line with your preferences. Some banking options aren’t available for withdrawals and some may not be eligible for claiming the welcome bonus.

4 Take the Welcome Offer

The sign-up bonus is only available once to each new player, so use yours wisely. Stick to your budget and ensure that you will be able to meet the bonus requirements. Don’t ignore the T&Cs. Read carefully before claiming your offer.

5 Bet on a Sport

Bookmakers offer plenty of different sports that you can bet on. For you to have an edge, pick a game that you are most conversant with. Bookmakers will typically include major league sports & horse racing events, but if you are and enthusiasts, you may also find unique markets such as politics.

6 Pick a Market

Within each sport, there will be numerous markets accompanied by odds. You must compare them and choose the most favourable option. Make sure that your decision will give you as much profit as possible if you win. return. Have a look at various markets and add some of them to your betting slip then decide on your bet.

7 Start Placing Bets

Once you are happy with the market and the corresponding odds, you can then go ahead and complete your betting slip. When playing at some bookies, your betting slip will show you how much profit you stand to make if your bet wins.

8 Wait for the Results

Now, watch the game live and see how it goes. If you have grasped the whole idea of sports betting, try in-play betting, and predict the outcomes during a more match, or as a tournament progresses.

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The key to placing successful and lucrative bets lies in incorporating key sports betting tips. Find below a list of handy guidelines to prepare you for your next sports wager.

Sportsbooks Attributes

Our goal is to make sure that we’ve recommended the best sites and so we work with special criteria. The following characteristics guide us as we make our pristine selection of the most suitable betting sites:

Range of Sports

Having big leagues such as MLB, NFL, and NBA indicates that a bookmaker is professional. The sportsbook should also include the UFC. However, less prominent tournaments such as athletics, darts, or chess are also great to bet on and they should also be included.


Another very critical consideration is that there should be plenty of markets with attractive odds. Before placing your bet, look at all the available options and pick the best odds. To make the right call, take advantage of our guide and understand the odds better.

Bet Types

Betting types will produce different results, and there are pros and cons to each option. Learn more about bet types. Find the option that gives you the most satisfactory outcome. Look for a guide on betting types and markets that will help you become more adept.

Bonuses & Promotions

All generous online sportsbooks will allow you to claim deposit bonuses, cashbacks, and free bets. The best offer for you is one that speaks to your style and choice of bet types. Evaluate the plethora of bonus offers online and find a way to enhance your returns on your bets.

Banking & Payouts

Credit cards such as MasterCard and Visa, wallets, bank transfers, and cryptocurrencies are the typical banking methods at professional bookmakers. Sign up to a site that has plenty of payment options so that it’s easier to find your ideal method. Select a payment provider that will make it fast and convenient for you to make deposits and request payouts.

Security & Reputation

Credible operators keep all your personal data safely stored so that you can rest assured and put your trust in the bookmaker. All the betting sites we’ve listed are operating with full licensing and proper regulation.

Customer Support

A sportsbook should appreciate its customers as they are the reason for bookie to stay open. It’s important for a bookmaker to assist customers in need. Responsible operators offer toll free lines and live chat, working 24/7 and responding rapidly to queries.


The best sportsbook sites must support both PCs and mobile devices. Many betting sites will offer a native mobile application that is identical to the desktop version. Alternatively, the site could be made accessible directly from the mobile browser.

Sports to Bet On

The selection of sports that you can bet on is pretty remarkable. So, we’ll discuss the most important ones that you will most likely pick out.

Soccer Betting

Many bettors who love soccer will want to get in on La Liga, the English Premier League, the Canadian Premier League, UEFA, Major League Soccer (MLS), and the World Cup. Sportsbooks will offer plenty of betting markets to fully indulge those soccer betting buffs.

Basketball Betting

If you navigate to the NBA category at your sportsbook, you will explore great betting markets. Different sportsbooks offer popular local and international basketball tournaments that you would love to bet on and you will find impressive odds for online basketball betting.

Hockey Betting

Fanatics will be itching for NHL seasons to start, and the sports betting sites are always prepared to help you back your favourite team. The best bookies thrive to include local as well as international tournaments. Therefore, carefully compare your options before you choose a hockey market.

UFC Betting

Do you enjoy those UFC matches? Bet on who will clinch the Ultimate Fighting Champion title this year. Enjoy plenty of betting options and a ton of big fights each year. You may just fall in love with UFC and make it your new sport to bet.

Horse Racing Betting

Horse racing is a famous sport with an elaborate history and is available worldwide. With online gambling, you won’t need to travel all the way to England in order to place your bet on the Epson Derby annual event. You can do this from the comfort of your home. Other races to bet on are the Triple Crown (local) horses, The Grand National (UK), and the Dubai World Cup (UAE).

College Football Betting

College football is not a very popular league to bet on but you may want to try it out, as you will be able to discover the most promising football stars.

Football Betting

This is one of North America’s most cherished sports, and pro punters from around the world always seek out NFL markets with gusto. If you want to improve your profits, sharpen your bet type knowledge by studying our list of betting tips.

Cricket Betting

If cricket is among your favourite games to watch, there are many sportsbooks offering lots of cricket matches that you can lawfully bet on. You can wager on almost every local or international game. The Global T20 competition is obviously the most important cricket event to bet on. You can also bet on other events such as test series, and ODI leagues worldwide.


It’s very possible to place safe sports bets online if you go with our recommended bookies. Our recommended sportsbooks are well-established and have above-average reviews, high ratings, transparent private policies, and stellar reputations.

The majority of sportsbooks optimize their websites for Android and iOS devices. In addition, you can access the betting sites via your mobile browser if a native app isn’t present. The mobile site or app is designed to mimic the bookmaker’s website and can be used just like the desktop version.

Betting on sports with an app is safe, provided you use a reliable sportsbook. You’re guaranteed a safe and secure betting experience if you pick a reputable bookie with a valid gambling license and flawless reputation.

You can place online bets if the laws in your country allow it. Online sportsbooks must adhere to strict gambling laws and have a license issued by the respective government. It’s advisable to enquire about gambling laws in your area.

You can wager on any sport, from national to international sports. It depends on the sportsbook. Popular sports include football, soccer, cricket, horse racing, ice hockey, lacrosse, and darts.

Sports betting odds give you an indication of the potential money you can make following a successful wager. Also, odds give you insight into the probability of a team winning an event or competition. You can even use them to determine the favourites in any given match or competition.

Sportsbooks are responsible for setting odds in sports betting after considering several factors. These include results from previous competitions, player injury, weather, and what punters are willing to wager.

Statistically, 5% is considered an excellent ROI in sports betting. You have the opportunity to accumulate and compound the percentage with time, depending on your expertise, knowledge, and betting strategy.

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