Evolution Gaming Set to Unveil Funky Time: A Mind-Blowing Live Game Show Experience

OCR Editor. - June 22, 2023
Funky Time by Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is gearing up for the highly anticipated launch of Funky Time, a unique live game show featuring the groundbreaking DigiWheel. Packed with dynamic multipliers and pulsating disco beats, this extraordinary experience is set to captivate players worldwide.

Evolution Gaming, a leader in the live casino industry, is preparing to unveil its most ambitious live game show to date: Funky Time. Building on the success of Crazy Time, Funky Time promises to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience filled with excitement, multipliers, and infectious disco vibes.

At the heart of Funky Time is the revolutionary DigiWheel, a digital wheel that generates random multipliers in each game round and assigns them to different segments. Players place their bets on a segment and win if the wheel stops in their chosen area.
With 24 letter segments, each offering a default payout of 25:1, players have a chance to win in the main game even before diving into the Bonus game action.

Funky Time features four captivating Bonus games: Bar, Stayin' Alive, Disco, and VIP Disco. Winning on any of the Bonus segments grants players access to these funk-tastic Bonus games, where multipliers are guaranteed to enhance the excitement.

In the Bar Bonus game, players find themselves in the company of a funky robot and three glasses for accumulating multipliers. By selecting the glass they believe holds the biggest multiplier, players witness the robot's actions as it fills the chosen glass. But the surprises don't end there! A single reel slot spins to reveal another multiplier, randomly assigned to one of the three glasses.

Bar Bonus game

Stayin' Alive takes entertainment to the next level with a ball drawing machine containing 90 colored balls and a 20-level multiplier ladder. Players start at the lowest ladder level, with four lives on their counter. Choosing a team, players aim to climb the multiplier ladder by drawing bingo balls. Each ball determines the team's progress on the ladder, with black balls causing players to lose a life. The Bonus game ends when four black bingo balls are drawn. If the initial wheel spin is awarded a multiplier, it multiplies each value on the ladder.

Stayin' Alive

Disco introduces Mr. Funky, who dazzles players with his best dance moves on a virtual dance floor featuring 37 squares. As Mr. Funky gathers multipliers scattered throughout the floor, a game host in the DJ booth spins a wheel to determine the path he follows. The direction indicated on the wheel guides Mr. Funky's moves. The Bonus game concludes when Mr. Funky falls off the edge of the dance floor. If the Disco Bonus segment received a multiplier during the initial wheel spin, it multiplies each regular multiplier before Mr. Funky starts his groovy dance.


The VIP Disco Bonus game offers an even larger 63-square dance floor for Mr. Funky to showcase his moves and collect multipliers. The rules follow those of the Disco Bonus game, with the Bonus ending when Mr. Funky falls off the edge. If the VIP Disco Bonus segment received a multiplier during the initial wheel spin, it multiplies each regular multiplier before Mr. Funky hits the dance floor.

VIP Disco

The launch of Funky Time is scheduled for July 2023, promising a spectacular and immersive gaming experience. Players can expect mind-blowing multipliers, captivating bonus games, and non-stop disco fun as they join Evolution Gaming's most exciting live game show to date.

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