Beginner Guide to Online Sports Betting

Sports betting is one of the most popular and illustrious options with online gambling. You don't have to be an expert bettor or perfect punter to place sports bets. All you need is a basic understanding of how sports betting works. This comprehensive OCR guide will help you get started with sports betting.

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In This Guide



You may be wondering if sports betting is worthwhile. Sports betting has become a multibillion-dollar industry. Many gamblers have made a lot of money betting on sports.

Betting on sports is as popular as BBQ and Beer! You might feel like an outsider if you're not well-versed in sports betting.  Where should you begin? Continue reading to learn if sports betting is tailored to you.

Reasons to Bet on Sports  

Sports are a very popular topic at formal events and social gatherings. Everyone has a favourite team and players, and there's plenty of camaraderie in sports. There's always a question about who will win the next major sports event. Why not place a bet and win while you're mulling the options?

If you love watching sports, it is important to have enough information at your fingertips to wager on games. Familiarise yourself with the teams, players and sport to become a successful sports bettor. It is possible to learn more than you know. Fortunately, there are many options to help you get reliable info about the results of a game to enhance your odds of winning a sports bet.  

You might be able to predict the outcome of a match-winner or stay focused on top contenders. Try your luck at sports betting if those are your skills. Sports wagering is less about luck than it is about knowledge. Boost your knowledge of sports betting and improve your winning odds. 

Perhaps you are tired of playing the same casino games and need a new platform. Now's the time to bet on sports. Sports bets can be incredibly social and entertaining to the max. Consider sports betting if you like throwing down a wager or two. 

Online Sports Betting

You don't need to travel to some distant bookmaker or casino to bet on sports. It's as close as your computer or handheld device. You can find a reliable online bookmaker who will take you halfway to your goal. At OCR, we recommend only the best online sportsbooks, which offer great odds and many betting markets. Our recommended bookmakers are licensed and fully regulated to offer safe, reliable, and transparent betting.

Bookmakers, like all other online casinos, want to reward loyal players. Bookies offer bonuses, promotions, and special offers to help you stretch your deposit further. Look for a bookie with added value,  adds loads of extra features, and suits your playing preferences.  

You should ensure that online sports betting is legal where you live. Some countries, states, territories and regions ban sports betting. Check local gambling laws to be 100% sure.  

Don't be alarmed if all this sounds unfamiliar. We will help you understand everything there is to know about sports being online with a complete set of FAQs, guides and explanations. 

Popular Sports Events

Here Are The Most Popular Sports Events You Can Bet On: 

Believe it or not, there are numerous types of sports you can wager on. Today, it's also possible to place bets on politics (election results), music awards like the Grammys, the Oscars or the weather. Here's the OCR recommendation for sports betting events. We're sure you'll find plenty of exciting betting material available:

  • NRL - National Rugby League 
  • AFL - Australian Rules Football
  • UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
  • NBA - National Basketball Association
  • Politics - Betting on who wins nomination or election
  • Tennis -Grand Slams and other Tennis Tournaments
  • Esports - Spectator betting on multiplayer video games
  • Cricket - World Cup, Regional Contests and International games.
  • Soccer  - Known as Football to players from the UK and Commonwealth countries.

Odds for Sports Betting Online

Understanding what "odds" are while placing bets on sports is key. Look closely; you will see plus (+) or minus (-) signs in sports betting. Understanding the meaning of these signs can help you make informed decisions about wins/losses. This information is usually displayed on your betting slip before confirming your bet on a particular market.

These odds are displayed in ratio and decimal format. Learn as much as possible and practice it as often as possible. Spread betting is an intelligent way to learn how to make better betting decisions.

An accurate read of the spread can help you determine whether a game has good odds or not. A plus (+) sign signifies that the team is the underdog, while a minus (+) sign signifies that the team has the advantage. Let's take an example as a case in point: If the spread is seven, the underdog gets seven points, and the odds are displayed as +7. A team positioned at -7 (by contrast) is the favourite and is, therefore, more likely to win.

Sports Betting on Mobile Devices

Betting on the fly is not a luxury but an essential benefit that all sports betters desire. The majority of reputable sportsbooks offer a mobile app. Bettors can download the mobile app from a site link to the Android or iOS version. You can log in to your account using your mobile browser and place bets on the site if you don't want to download another sport betting app.

Many mobile sports betting apps are identical to the desktop version, with additional features, functions, and benefits. You may never want to gamble on your PC or iMac again!

A mobile app must have a simple interface and a well-designed layout. It is important to have a frictionless design as you want your user experience to be silky smooth. Apps for mobile devices must be compatible with Android and iOS platforms. They should also be easy to use on smartphones, tablets, or PCs.

Popular Online Sports Betting Terms

To help you find definitions of the most popular sports betting terms, we've listed them here.  Contrary to what you might think, sports betting can have different meanings to similar terms used with casino games. The following terms should be understood:

  • Punter - A synonym for gambler/sports fan/bettor. 
  • Market - In sports betting, you don't bet on games. You place bets on markets. 
  • Player - A member of a team in a specific sports match. 
  • Game - A reference to the actual game the players compete in. 
  • Betting Slip - This virtual bet slip appears once you place a wager. 
  • Multi Betting - The act of betting in many markets simultaneously.
  • In-Play Betting - A term in sports betting where you place a wager while the game is underway.
  • Bookmaker - This word describes the brand or the actual sports betting platform. 

T&Cs (Terms and Conditions)

It is really important to understand the terms and conditions of sports betting. Every sport has its own rules and regulations. Below are the most commonly used terms & conditions:

  • To bet on sports, punters must be at least 19 years old.
  • You must also understand and agree to the site's privacy policies and rules for sports betting.
  • Be sure that you understand the gambling regulations and legislation in your locality.
  • Before withdrawing winnings, all bets must be closed on your betting slip.

Pros & Cons

Stay abreast of your favourite sports and place real money bets on them as they play out
There are many sports markets available to select
Pick sports whose rules you understand
Place wagers on big tournaments, sports leagues and events
Place your bets on international or local events
Expand your betting horizons
You must do your homework as a newbie
Limited know-how leads to significant losses

Online Sports Betting Tips

It is important to be smart about betting. These sports betting tips will help you place more profitable wagers, regardless of which sport you choose. These tips will help you get more value from your money over the long term.

How to Get Started

You may need advice as a newbie to get started in sports betting. This step-by-step OCR guide will help you get started with sports betting.

1 Register at Your Chosen Bookmaker

Bookmaker refers to a betting platform that allows you to place bets on sports. Bookie, also known as Sportsbook, is the same term. Choose only recommended sites. All our bookies are licensed, regulated, and safe. To get started, click on the registration button.

2 Add Funds to Your Account

There are many payment options available to make your first deposit. You will typically find options such as Visa and MasterCard (credit and debit card), EFT options, or e-Wallets to add money to your sports betting account. You should choose a method that doesn't affect your bonus offer.

3 Claim Your Welcome Bonus

Many bookies offer generous welcome bonuses when you make your first deposit. Make sure to choose carefully. Before you agree to any bonus offer, be sure to read the T&Cs and rules.

4 Pick a Sport

You can pick a sport based on your interest or knowledge of the game. There are many options available for betting on cricket, football, MMA, table tennis, darts and snooker, et al. You can try your luck on the outcome of the next American Presidential Election if you want. You can also bet on the Oscars too!

5 Choose the Right Market

Markets are a portion of the bets that you place on any sport. This could be for a particular match, event or tournament. To determine the best outcome for your type of bet, look at the odds. There are hundreds of markets for each sport, so take your time to find the one that is best suited to you.

6 Pick a Market to Bet On

We have posted multiple betting options for you to choose from. This is where you can choose your bet type. You will notice a betting slip with your wager information and, if applicable, the amount of the winning bet.

7 Placec Your Wager

After you've completed all steps, confirm your bet. Wait for the result and then cash in your winnings.

Sports Betting Terms

If you're new to sports betting and aren't sure what certain terms mean, it can be easy to feel confused. Don't worry, we have all the information you need. For more information on the jargon involved in sports betting, please refer to our glossary.

Get Schooled In Betting Terminology

Types of Sports Betting

The key to winning sports betting is knowing the right combination of factors. This includes your chosen sport, the betting odds, and the specific bets you can afford. You may feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of betting options available. Stay the course; let's check it out!


A multi-bet, combo or accumulator is also known as an Acca. A single bet joins multiple bets, and hinges on the bets all coming good. Avoid this bet. The negative is that if any stakes in the parlay are lost, the entire parlay will be lost, and you'll walk away empty-handed.

Flat Stakes Betting

Flat betting is where you bet an identical amount on all games, regardless of how certain you feel about each game. Flat betting is the best way to ensure you stay in the game for the long term.

Matched Bets

This strategy is considered zero-risk because all outcomes are covered simultaneously by a bookmaker or a betting exchange.

Arbitrage Bets

Arbitrage betting is the act of placing bets on all results of an event to guarantee a favourable return. It is simply a result of different odds being offered by various sportsbooks on the same event.

Spread Betting

This bet type is prevalent in basketball and football games and can also be found in other sports. This popular type of betting is explained in our section on odds.


Another form of gambling is sports betting. It involves placing a wager on the result of a sporting event. You can either profit on the bookmaker's odds or lose your entire wager.

Although the term "bookmaker" can also be called a "bookie", the terms "sportsbook" and "betting agency" are legit synonyms. They offer a betting exchange to sports bettors. These are markets where the odds are set.

Punters are called bettors. This is the person who places sports bets.

Many popular betting websites offer sports betting markets. Kindly consult the OCR list to find a reliable and secure sports betting platform.

Sports bettors say that you are backing the outcome of a sporting event by placing a wager. You generally only have two options in sports - one team or the other, or player vs player.

Lay bets are bets that bet against an outcome. If you bet against Lewis Hamilton winning the Formula 1 race, you win if Hamilton loses. If he wins the race, you lose your bet.

Once you have selected a bookmaker, you must register to place your bets. To be sure you are safe and secure when placing your bets, make sure that the bookmaker is licensed.

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